Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 77 At Sea

Fabulous day today... Perfect weather, great day to relax. Tomorrow we will be in Dubai, UAE. Ed, Becky & I will head out and explore a few of the adjacent Emirates to Dubai. Should be a great day.... So... how's my trip to Jerusalem looking? When will it end?


Sister Lisa said...

Please be careful! Don't want to lose my pool buddy!

Stakeout said...

the way it's going...HAL's Plan B is not looking too good ... here's their posted Travel Advisories

..and our booked 45 day R/T Ft Laud-Europe cruise on 'your favorite ship'--the Maasdam-- in late October might not be looking too good either with recent blurbs by Carnival Corp of their avoiding Morocco and Tunisia..and cruising the Med might not be a good idea watching missiles pass over us.. we shall see

good luck on your adventure.. always nice to read your blog and of course the pics are great

Anonymous said...

I've got to tell you that I anxiously awaiting your Dubai photos and comments. It seems like an adult Disneyland from the what tourist info I've seen on TV.
Are you planning on "buying" your Dubai island home state?