Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 74 Varanasi, India

Today was incredible…. I was picked up at 5:45, made it to the river by 6:00 and done for the day at 7:00 am…. Nice jo Goway Travel! The morning ceremonies were nice, got some nice photos but was really disappointed that we were done for the day at 7:00 am. My flight wasn’t until 3:40 pm. The return trip was a nightmare (thanks Goway Travel). My flight from Delhi to Mumbai was done away with a long time back. Summary: I had no way back…. I spent a couple of hours (of frustration) working with Air India and finally got a leg of an international flight (leg from Delhi to Mumbai) which got me to the ship around 1:00 am. Summary, I got some fabulous photos, no thanks to a miserable effort from GoWay Travel. Can you tell that I am unhappy with Goway Travel? As for recommendations…. No more.


Jennie said...


Great photos as usual. You take wonderful "people" photos. What a frustrating day. Fancy going all that way for just an hour or so.

Just as well you are an experienced traveller as others in your position would not have known how to return to Mumbai in time for the ship's departure.


Shil said...


I did not know that by chance I met such a great world traveller. I had excellent experience sharing time with you around 2 hours at New Delhi International Airport. You are very lucky that you have opportunity to see the world after your Job retirement.

This world is very beautiful with diversity. We should stop judging the things and learn to appriciate the things then it would be more pleasent.

All the best and continue world journey endlessly.

I wish one day, I would be like you.

Shil Rakshit Vidyarthi
0091-9869283517, India

Jeff Farschman said...

Great to hear from you. It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for being so helpful. It is always nice to meet new friends.

asv said...

Thanks Shil, for letting us know about this great man.
Yes u r very right.. All of us have these kind of dreams which we want to pursue but r unable to do so. Hope 1 day we can make it.
Further, Mr. Jeff's photos have made varanasi all the more beautiful. It requires gr8 passion and experience to capture city at such moments.
Mr. Jeff, hats off to you.