Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 61 Hong Kong, People's Republic of China

What a magnificent day!!!! Even though we sailed into Hong Kong too early to experience the magnificence of the sail in, it was a tremendous day. Ed, Becky, Robert, Bronwyn & I headed out to Lantau Island via the cable car to see the Po Lin Monastery & the Big Buddha on top of the hill. The trip was fantastic and the sights at the monastery fabulous… After spending quite a bit of time exploring the monastery, we headed to the Tai O fishing village…. What a fantastic place. The houses on stilts, the dried fish markets (including a dried full size shark) and the day to day activities were extremely interesting and a treasure of great photo ops. Instead of taking the cable car & train back we took the ferry to Hong Kong and then took another ferry to Kowloon. We had ½ hour back at the ship when it was time for Ed, Becky & I to meet Ron & Glenda to go to the night market on Temple Street to have some great street food for dinner. I had my usual garlic chicken wings with chillies…fabulous! It was a great day!!!!

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Jennie said...


What a great day you had in Hong Kong. We too have taken the trip to Lantau Island and seen the Golden Buddha etc. We have also been to another island which was most interesting, especially as you can do some lovely walks. It is called Cheung Chau Island and you get there by a ferry from Hong Kong island. Well worth the trip.