Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 83 Salalah, Oman

Another wonderful day…. This Grand World Voyage has certainly been one of the best. This morning Ed, Becky & I headed out to get a taxi and explore a little of Salalah and the surrounding area. Our first stop was at a fishing inlet where we checked out a couple of fisherman, It was a nice start. Then our taxi driver suggested a stop at a Fish Souk (Market). What a great stop…. Photo ops galore! This was not your typical tourist stop. You could tell that many people were not used to having cameras and strangers in their midst. Great stop!! Then we headed out to a fishing village, Taqah. First we went to an old fort in the village which was really well done. The upper section at the top of the hill gave great scenic views. From their our driver took us to an incredible scenic view point above the beaches and town… spectacular! We then headed back to Salalah where we finished our touring at the souk. The day was completed poolside whre the sun was hot and the pool refreshing….




Sweets said...

Will you be sporting your new hat on the beach this summer?

Jennie said...


Great photos of Oman. We enjoyed our time there a few years ago. You seem to be having a wonderful cruise and I am sure you don't want it to come to an end. I am loving the Blog and when we leave on Sunday for Tahiti and beyond for 6 weeks, I will continue reading it until your cruise finishes in May.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
Great photos. What's with the goat/cow? head? In a house or market? It'd be on Atkins.
Hat looked good!

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up on the hat, Jeff! Again, great photos... definitely too many interesting ones to make comments on. I'm curious about the goat head and hoofs too!


Belvedere Broadcasters said...

You have never met us but we are your librarian's parents we love your pictures and your comments . I hope you don't mind us watching your awesome blog ....since Em is usually working we miss a lot of where she is , she's only been with HAL a little less than a year has a degree in Theatre , Art History and a post grad from England in Musical Theatre, loves people and says you guys are awesome
Thanks for letting us watch your cruise
Al & Jenn Butler
Victoria BC