Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 75 Mumbai, India

I was so exhausted this morning when I hooked up with Ed & Becky for breakfast. We had planned, before I went to Varanasi, to do a bit of touring of Mumbai when I got back. We did just that…. We walked the streets of Mumbai catching a lot of photos of everyday life…. It was nice to get together with them and have a day of laughter. Nice day!


June said...

It is a good thing some of the people of India speak English. How would anyone figure out the signs there? Glad to see pictures and know you are safe.

John-Phuket said...

Again your photos are incredible--my Mumbai shots truly pathetic in comparison

Though a fascinating City-found the poverty overwhelmingly depressing--specially at the Dhobi Gat outdoor laundry

India certainly puts life into perspective and makes one appreciate how very fortunate we are compared to so many in this World

Anonymous said...

Jeff, your India pixs blow me away! Don't even know which country's visit is my favorite of yours in terms of photos because they seem to get better and better and are all so wonderful to enjoy.

Very interesting and so visible in their faces and eyes - you've captured the life, culture, emotion, hardships, and joy of the people and their land.

Sorry about the disappointment with Goway. What a shame - if nothing else, at least you got some fantastic photos and are enjoying life.