Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 15 San Juan, Puerto Rico

Today was a pretty good day… My objective was to get in a long walk around San Juan, focusing on Castillo San Felipe del Morro, ‘El Morro’ and Castillo San Cristobal….. The walk was long, very interesting and full of photographic opportunities. I spent about 4 hours hiking around San Juan, took around 500 photos and most importantly…… made it back to the ship just as the skies were about to open up and rain like crazy. It was a very enjoyable day, hope you like the photos…. Tomorrow, St. Barts… photos and beach.


Anonymous said...

Again awesome shots man!!! You should be paid by the cruise lines, I am about to look at booking another cruise just because of your blog!!!

Thank again,


guy said...

be glad u are in the carib. in florida and everywhere east coast is either freezing or colder then norm. N florida is in the 40's -50's range and baltimore is in the 40's

HappyCruiser said...

We used to live in San Cristobal, your pictures 8 & 9 up from the bottom are where our houses were. It was really cool living right on the ocean and being surrounded by moats which were awesome places to play in!