Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 16 Gustavia, St. Barts

Today was a really nice day…. The weather was hot and sunny and we were able to visit St. Barts. Brad & I went ashore on the first tender and proceeded to walk around Gustavia, including walking up to 2 separate view point so we could capture some good images. The hot weather wasn’t the best for hiking but it was fun anyway and worth the effort. After hiking all over town, up and down, it was time to go to the beach. The nearest to the town is shell beach which, no surprise, has a lot of shells on the beach for any collectors…. The water was perfectly clear, warm and an incredible aqua color…. The only downside was , this being a French island, it is extremely expensive. To rent a beach chair was $28 per chair and a diet coke $6. Sooooo, no chair for me and one diet coke was enough. I had a great swim and then we headed back to the ship where we spent the rest of the afternoon poolside soaking up the sun. I am starting to get a nice base tan….


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
Pictures are terrific; especially the flowers. I know you and Brad were the first ones on shore, since street shots show barely a soul around.
Keep having boat loads of fun!

Sister Lisa said...

Great pics - love the tribute to my pup!

Anonymous said...

$6 coke not as much as our $100 pizza. Sandra and Allan

June said...

Awesome pics! You and Brad seem to always find the most scenic spots for your shots. Thanks for the blog and for taking us on your journey.