Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 24 At Sea

Today was simply fantastic! It was hot, sunny with a nice breeze…what a day! My plans for tomorrow to go to Van Dyke Island have gone up in smoke. My tour was cancelled because of rough seas. My second option was to go to Cane Garden Bay on the North shore but that will also be a no go. Cane Garden Bay is no place to be when the seas are high. So…. as usual, I’ll play it by ear. Too bad Brad, my island adventure buddy, isn’t here. I may such go out a catch a few photos. Tonight we have our first formal night for this cruise as well as the Captain’s welcome toast. I included a photo with the ship's photographer, we were talking about how Brad must be missing this.....


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
"Bond.....James Bond!" You look very nice and kinda like a big deal. However, your tan shows up better in your white Tux. Have a great day.

June said...

Nice photo of you and Chris. Please tell him Frankenstein and his bride say hello. Chris was our very favorite photographer onboard (besides you of course).
I hope the weather gets better for your excursions.

Happy Sailing,