Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 11 At Sea

Today was just terrific! It couldn’t have been nicer…. I sat out by the pool all day visiting with friends and doing a bit of reading. Great day for bronzing….. It is sad that tomorrow some old friends and some new friends will be disembarking the ship and heading home. As for me, tomorrow will be going ashore, stocking up with some necessities and using my mobile phone to contact friends & family.


Holly said...

Wondering out loud - how many cases of Diet Coke do you have to account for on your adventures?

whitey said...

Your back in Barbados on the 18th of this month so will you be using your cell phone in Lauderdale to make reservations at the boatyard in advance?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,
So happy for you that trip is going well except for the Boatyard.
Hope you continue to miss the hurricane and that it misses Haiti as well. Last 2 nites the CT shore has had freeze warnings-hard to remember it was 70 degrees last week! Foliage is still lovely.
Trust your foot is on the mend.
As usual, great photography. Did you happen to see the video of the Royal Carribbean ship that had to squeeze under a bridge with inches to spare? That's a photo op for you!
BVH-Groton, CT