Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 25 Tortola, BVI

Today wasn’t anywhere near what I had originally envisioned…. Jost Van Dyke or Cane Garden Bay but…. can’t fight rough seas. Instead I took the photo journey approach including a hike up the mountain to get a scenic look of the city and ship. My friends Janet & Mike who I climbed a far number of hills & mountains with would have been proud. It is amazing how much easier it gets when you are carrying around a lot less weight. At one point I was lucky to get away alive. I went on someone’s property to get a nice view of the harbor and knocked on the door to ask permission. I did not notice an apparently sleeping guard dog as I approached the house. When he attacked, the rope he was attached to came up short about 6 inches. It scared me to death. This dog really wanted a piece of me. I was standing there calculating how much room I had between the edge of the cliff and the dog’s tether and I figured I could just get by without being eaten…. Oh well, no photo there. The hike was steep and the day was hot so I was just drenched…. The views from up top were great and the cold diet coke I had at the bottom was one of the best I ever had. So if you wonder why there are so many pics of the ship and town, it’s because after hiking all that way I was going to include a lot of photos…. Tomorrow we are back in St. Barts…. I am thinking of another long hike. The things I do for this blog…..




Rosie said...

I thought you had lost weight. I enjoy things you do for this blog - the great photos.

Megan said...


We love the things you do for this blog! :) Keep hiking those hills! The pictures are awesome!

Megan & Kevin

Michelle and Rudy van der Goot said...

Jeff, glad you do the things you do for the blog.

In the future, let sleeping dogs .......well, do their own thing even if means leaving them alone. You get enough other scrapes and cuts without the critters adding to the list.

Pics made me feel warmer and miss the sunshine.

June said...

I imagine you did get a good scare from the dog. There is something to be said of a good strong rope.

Thanks for the pictures and the blogs. I appreciate them.


Anonymous said...

You go man, this blog is the best thing on the net! We can't tell you how much it is appreciated, being on a virtual world cruise with you is the next best thing to actually being there!! The effort and expense is appreciated and you bring a lot people good feeling everyday when we visit!


Vickie said...

I was looking at those pictures saying here Lizzard, Lizzard. Thank goodness the ones on my hill never grow that large, or else I'd never do any yard work.
If you keep up that diet and all those hikes I might not recognize you...nah, the tan will still be the give away. Continue to enjoy.