Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 37 Nassau, Bahamas

Today was a fairly nice day in Nassau…. While it has never been one of my favorite places I did enjoy walking around taking photos today. If not for the blog I would have just gone poolside for the day. I walked to Paradise Island, got some nice exercise and snapped a bunch of photos. On the way there I stopped by the Baja-Retreat Anti-aging Spa. I told them I wanted the works for that youthful look…. They asked me to leave, said it was too late….. bummer! One the walk back I took a different path checking out some of the streets off the beaten path. I caught a good shot of a “Mr. Photo” sign, I figured it was appropriate since Brad goes by “Mr. Video”… Once back to the ship it was poolside for the remainder of the day. We had the Captain’s welcome toast tonight on our first formal of this voyage followed by a great show…. Dinner was great, Caesar salad and king crab….. nice diet food.


K said...

Please sign me up for the anti-aging spa....I'm on my way...Seriously!!

PS I remember an evening with you in the Nassau!!


Jennie said...

Hi Jeff,

I have been following all your reports and have loved the photos but this port stands out as one of the nicest you have visited. I have never been to the Bahamas and hope to get there one day. It is a long way from here. We have been to a few of the ports you have visited though including Aruba, Grenada, Dominican Republic and
Barbados. Thanks for spending time posting.

Jennie (Aussie Gal)

Jeff Farschman said...

I remember it well....