Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 36 Ft. Lauderdale

Today we ended our Southern Caribbean cruise and began an Eastern Caribbean cruise… Some new friends departed and as far as I know right now I don’t know a soul onboard aside from crew. I left the ship this morning around 8:0 and walked over to where the Westerdam was docked where my friend Vicki had just finished a cruise. I got together with her and we headed for the airport to pickup her rental car. Then we headed to a grocery store where I just happened upon a sale on diet coke… imagine that! Then it was off to the beach where we walked for a while taking a few photos along the way. Starbucks was next up for some free internet…. I really wanted to do all my Windows & Norton updates to keep my computer up to date. It is just cost prohibitive to try that on the ship. Then we headed back to the ship where we visited for a while and Vicki got to see some old friends who are part of the crew. It turned out to be a nice day, catching up with friends and family and visiting with Vicki…..

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June said...

What an awesome day! You found diet cokes on sale and our football team,Auburn, beat their rival, Alabama.
We look forward to your pictures and blogs.
Enjoy your Eastern Caribbean cruise.