Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 39 San Juan, Puerto Rico

Today was another lovely sail into San Juan…. It is so beautiful with the forts and crashing waves down the coast. I went ashore first thing with two other guests, Doug & Tammy and we started out trek. We first walked the coast down to the point of Castillo de San Felipe del Morro, or “El Morro” and then back tracked to the entrance to the fort. It was a very scenic and great hike. We then proceeded into El Morro and covered all the various levels and scenic points of interest. It was a pretty good day for a long hike because we had a bit of cloud cover from time to time which held down the heat. After El Morro we headed down the coast to Castillo San Cristobal. It is another very scenic walk and a great fort. I am especially fond of some of its inhabitants, the iguana type. Again the scenic view points and sights are amazing…. We had a great day and tomorrow, they are joining me in St. Barth's when I hike over the hill and across the island to St. Jean beach again….

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Anonymous said...

Hi Big Deal:
Love the fraternal twins shot. Looks like the crew was doing their life boat drill. You got some gorgeous shots of the fort and coast line, too.
If I haven't told you lately.....thanks for the great pictures and all of the time and expense you put into them. We appreciate it.