Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 30 At Sea

Today was a little of this and a little of that…. I went out early and instead of going to the pool deck I went to the top deck forward of the ship. The beverage manager added a bunch of chairs to the pool area and I am not much for cramped conditions. AS a result I will find a remote corner of the ship to go to on sea days where I can relax in peace. The day was a bit overcast but nice enough until around 2:00 when the rains came…. It was time for option b, 1 ½ hours with Marilou the magnificent and her magical hands for a nice massage. Great plan! Tonight we have another formal night…. I think it’s a good night for orange. I had a fabulous dinner… Caesar salad, filet mignon & king crab, best meal yet! The show after dinner by the Maasdam singers & dancers was fantastic, great evening… Tomorrow, Bonaire.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
You look very handsome tonight. You have lost so much weight. Checked your profile picture on F/B from your family reunion. You can really tell how much you've lost just since Labor Day. Don't get too much thinner, you'll blow off the deck! Ha ha!

K said...

I haven't missed a day with you yet on this voyage so far. I'm sorry for all the internet problems, I know it's a frustration for you and understandably so. I love all your fabulous pics and interesting comments. Thank you for giving me something special to wake up to with my coffee every morning. look great!