Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 14 Kobe, Japan

Our arrival into Kobe was lovely. We were welcomed with fireboats spraying water and the great Japanese bands. After docking it was time for my adventure for today…. My trip today to Nara & the Horyuji Temple turned out to be great. The weather, itinerary and guide were amazing…. Our first stop was the Horyuji Temple which houses the world’s oldest surviving wooden structures. It conveys images of Japan more than 1300 years ago. The temple, pagoda and grounds we beautiful. Since it was a long drive to Nara, after we finished touring the Horyuji Temple, it was time for lunch. Lunch was great as it has been at every stop in Japan. One of the highlights during the day was countless groups of young school kids eager to have their photo taken. Our next stop was at the Todai-ji Temple (Great Buddha) housed in the worlds largest wooden structure. Beautiful & Amazing! This is located in a deer park where deer have roamed for over a thousand years. Finally, we visited the Kasuga Shinto Shrine. There were more stone lanterns there than I have ever seen. The day was magnificent which is not surprising in such an amazing country like Japan. Tomorrow I go to Osaka, here is the tour description:
Osaka Highlights & Japanese Lunch
Join this tour for an orientation of Osaka and a visit to its special attractions. You will pass through Osaka's downtown area on the way to the Osaka Castle. Built in 1583 and destroyed just 32 years later, the castle has undergone many reconstructions--the most recent in 1931. Its walls encompass the Municipal Museum and the Hokoku Shrine, which is dedicated to its original owner, Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Next you will visit Shitennoji Temple, built in AD 593 and believed to be the oldest Buddhist temple in Japan. Although it has been rebuilt many times in its long history, excavations have shown the current layout to be very true to its original design. The temple's great southern gate, central gate, pagoda, main hall and lecture hall are constructed in a straight line-- a design layout called Shitennoji cathedral style. The temple houses six national treasures and many other items of cultural importance. After Japanese-style set menu lunch at Taiko-en, drive through Dotonbori, one of the symbols of Osaka and beloved by residents. Dotonbori is a dense area of restaurants and amusement spots located along the south bank of the Dotonbori Canal.


Bill said...

What is the significance of your Greenland T-shirt?


I think Jeff must have finally run out of Tommy Bahama shirts, hence the Greenland T Shirt.

Never fear, Donita syas that I have entirely too many, they will be out on the next helicopter.

Hope all is well-


Jeff Farschman said...

Their is no significance other than having been born there and they wouldnt let me go without a shirt.