Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day 25 Da Nang, Vietnam

I had a marvelous day going to Imperial city of Hue. The 3 hour drive was very scenic and very interesting. We went over mountains and along the coast and the scenery was beautiful. Our first stop was the Imperial Citadel, built on a similar plan to that of the Forbidden City in Beijing. The historic site was incredible and made for some great photos. Lunch was one of the best I’ve had. It was a huge selection of Vietnamese dishes and each one was great. After lunch, we drove to visit one of the imperial tombs which are found in the surrounding countryside. Built by the Nguyen Dynasty Emperors, the tombs were very impressive. All in all it was a great visit to Imperial Hue. The drive back was also very scenic…. Tomorrow is a day at sea as we sail to Phu My, Vietnam.

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The Mayor (Jim) said...

I need to get myself one of those hats for the New Jersey shore...........

P.S. Holly - keep me updated on your discussions with Crayloa....I think the 'Tundra Tan' is worth something!