Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day 18 Shanghai, China

Today was a great day! Shanghai is amazing and so was the watertown of Zhujiajiao. We sailed up the river very early this morning to our berth downtown Shanghai. It was very disappointing because it was very, very hazy with early morning fog. The trip to Zhujiajiao was nice and I loved sailing thru the town and waliking the bridges. This was the highlight of the tour. After I returned to the ship I walked to the Bund and took some photos of the area and crowds. It was a very nice day. Tomorrow should be exciting, I’m going on the Maglev….
Here is the description: Maglev Train Ride & New Shanghai
Made with the help of cutting edge European technology, the Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) Train is the new state-of-art mode of transportation in Shanghai. Using no wheels, the train floats on an electromagnetic cushion, propelled along a guideway at incredible speeds. Meandering for 20 miles
from Long Yang Lu Station to the Pudong International Airport, and built with a budget of over US$1 billion, the train can reach a speed of 267 mph, the highest ever for any operational transport on the ground. Your tour starts with a ride from the pier to the Long Yang Lu Station at Pudong New District. Then board the Maglev Train for an 8-minute ride to the Pudong Airport and experience the sensation of flying as the train accelerates to maximum speed in no time. Pause for a short while before the train brings you back to Long Yang Lu Station on the return ride. Board your motor coach again and visit the Lujiazui Area of the Pudong New District. Developed only a decade ago from farmlands, this area is now the financial center of China with numerous high-rise office buildings. Continue with a visit to the
futuristic Jinmao Hyatt Building, the tallest building in China. From its heights, you will take in the panoramic view of Shanghai. Return to the ship by motor coach.
Sould be a fun day tomorrow. In the evening I went up on the top deck to catch some night shots of Shanghai.....

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zentmrs said...

I'm really enjoying your tales of your trip. You take wonderful pictures and I (almost) feel like I am there. One day....