Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 17 At Sea

Today was pretty much the same weather as yesterday. It was a bit better and was nice to sit out in the fresh air but…. not enough sun. It should (hopefully) be better in Shanghai. Here are a few photos from last night’s formal night. The group photo includes all but one of my dinner tablemates. Another one is a couple of the cruise staff, Lori & Sparky….. I have sailed with them on a number of voyages. The final photo is a couple I have enjoyed spending a bit of time with on the ship, Ken & Helen from Canada. Tomorrow we arrive early in the morning at the International Cruise Terminal across from the Pearl TV Tower on the Huanpu River. I will be taking a tour to Zhuijiajiao, here is the description:
Zhujiajiao Watertown
On this full-day excursion, venture beyond the modern metropolis of Shanghai to discover one of East China's traditional waterside towns. Situated beside the Dianshanhu Lake, Zhujiajiao illustrates the
customs and culture of old-world China. Commencing your journey at the pier, you'll travel by air-conditioned motor coach for approximately an 1 1/2 hours, past rustic farms and rippling fields of rice. On arrival in this small town, leisurely make your way along meandering streets and narrow alleyways. Admire Zhujiajiao's numerous stone bridges and centuries-old buildings of white wall or black brick. Reminiscent of Venice's canal commerce, the wares made by local women are on display from wooden boats bobbing in the water. Although this community boasts 36 moss-covered bridges, the most famous is the five-arched Fangsheng Bridge--a remnant of the Ming dynasty. Further exploration reveals the Daqing Youju, a post office that dates back to the Qing dynasty. At the local Rice Museum, gain an appreciation for this region's agricultural development. View displays illustrating each
stage of the cultivation process. Included are samples of the various rice types and an authentic foot-driven pestle used to shell rice.
It should be a fun day tomorrow. If I wasn’t here in China I would probably be in Albuquerque at the International Balloon Fiesta. I hope my ballooning buddies have a great fiesta…….

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