Friday, October 24, 2008

Day 35 At Sea

Today was just perfect! I think the Captain was having a little fun with us when last night’s forecast called for rain….. Sunny, sunny, sunny day!!!!! The pool area was pretty active today. I hung out with Ian & Carol from Canada (originally from Scotland). Tomorrow we arrive in Bali around 0630 in the morning. I am hoping for clear weather so I can get a photo of the beautiful but elusive Mt Agung…. Here’s hoping! I will be taking a ships tour tomorrow. Here is the description:
VW Safari: Exotic Bali & Mt Batur
This a very interesting tour of Bali, with the added appeal of using Bali's most unique form of transport--the VW Safari bus. Begin with a visit to the village of Tiingan--a center for Balinese traditional musical instruments. The local people here create beautiful handiwork to accompany the graceful dance ceremonies of Indonesia. Driving through the countryside offers you a chance to see how the local farmers grow rice, nuts and chilies, with views of rice terraces and Mt. Agung in the distance. At the Pura Kehen temple complex, built in the 11th century, a series of steps leads to the entrance door where the demonic face of Kala Makara stands guard over the temple grounds. Your drive then takes you to Penglipuran Balinese village, where life has barely changed in more than a century. You will continue to Kintamani, a beautiful place for lunch with views across from the slopes of Mt. Batur to the lake in the distance. To round out your tour, in Ubud, you will visit an art gallery and Balinese silver smith before returning to the ship.
While working on the blog we lost all power. Nothing like everything going dark.... Power is being restored now. Dinner will just be delayed by 1/2 hour.


Holly said...

I contacted the Captain and asked him to give you that forecast, just so you would post another cloud shot. LOL

Hey what's the guy wearing the flag shirt holding? Looks like a carving of sorts, but not sure what or what material.

allan said...

are you practising your Scottish accent!!!!! very jealous of the pool pictures.