Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 27 Vung Tau, Vietnam

Today turned out pretty nice…. It certainly was brutally hot and steamy. I left on my tour and headed for Vung Tau, formally Cap St. Jacques when the French occupied Vietnam. The drive was interesting, taking about an hour. We made a stop along the way and saw people pulling shrimp out of the water at low tide….. busy bunch of folks playing in the mud. Vung Tau is a lovely place and is also the center for Vietnam’s oil industry. There is a fair amount of off shore drilling here I guess. Our first stop was the former Royal Residence of Bach Dinh, the white villa. It was a lovely place with great views. Next we went to a Buddhist Temple with a fairly substantial reclining Buddha. Finally we stopped for a photo stop at the 100 foot statue of Jesus which was put in place in 1970 during the American occupation. There were lots of opportunities to capture some nice photos of the locals. I also loved all the boats along the river. They continuously are cruising up and down the river and come In all shapes ans sizes. Tomorrow is a day at sea before my big adventure in Bangkok, Thailand….


Michelle said...

Jeff all we can say is that one year ago we were cruising with you and would rather be doing that now instead of DIY! Cheers Rudy and Michelle

Anti-gag said...

Nice blog

Germán Diego said...

very, very nice pictures

bill hellman said...

I must comment on this most egotistical blog.

This blogger seems oblivious of the hardships and sadness for so many caused by the present financial crisis.

In his seemingly eternal searching for "solo" fulfillment he spends many $$$$$$$$$$$ trying to find any satisfaction and then a major life worry being that standards are slipping and the next World cruise maybe the last on Holland !

SHAME---sure though that he will soon find an alternate for his hedonistic longings--Crystal perhaps?

Jeff Farschman said...

Mr Hellman,
You are so right! I feel really bad about what I am doing. I believe we should stop all these voyages, put the hundreds of thousands of cruise employess out on the street without a job and deny the people in all these ports the opportunity to make some money and improve their lives.
Get a life!

Steve O'neill said...


There is something in what you say, though hardly a justification for your non stop self gratification.

You would have a lot of respect if you blogged about your voluntary works with all the millions of hungry and wretched people in this World.

You too would be much happier and find it so rewarding using all that cash and free time in HELPING others,far more rewarding than being on a non stop pleasure cruise.

Your photos are very good, perhaps a book with the profits going to Oxfam.

Jeff Farschman said...

Mr O'Neill,
I'm not doing this for your respect. You know nothing about me or what I do other than what I post here. This blog is done for my friends, not for you or Mr Hellman.

whitey said...

I am going to bite my tounge and be nice and not reply to these who have posted. You and the fellow readers do NOT want me to go into the financial crisis and reasons I believe for the downturn. This blog was for friends and those who know Jeff. Also for those to gain knowledge of where and what to do on their cruise.
Hardships? Brought on to themselves by others and the majic word was "GREED"!
I had better go.... Getting Pissed!

Mr. Mayor said...

Whitey, I must give you a lot of credit for biting your tounge. I, to the contrary, must respond to the two slugs that have recently crawled out from under their rocks, specifically, Messers Hellman and O'Neill.

I don't feel that it is appropriate for you two self-centered slugs to make comments about someone when you have not even met the individual. I have known Jeff, as has my entire family, for several years and it just so happens that we find him to be a most caring and sensitive human being that would do anything to help the other person!

I think it would be appropriate if the two of you would find something more beneficial to do than to criticize our friend Jeff who is sharing his adventures with his friends and family.

Holly said...

BRAVO Whitey and Mr. Mayor, my sentiments exactly!!