Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 20 At Sea

Today was truly magnificent! The weather was just perfect and the day marvelous….. I sat out in the sun and visited with friends. This voyage really has some very nice people. Some voyages the people can be a bit of a pain but fortunately this is not on of those. As we sail to Hong Kong there are boats and ships everywhere. The Captain has his hands full missing all these boats. It really looks amazing at night with lights everywhere. We have one more day to go before we get to Hong Kong. Tonight we have a formal night with an oriental themed dinner. It should be great….


whitey said...

I can tell you had a summer break away from the ship board life Jeff.
You lost weight! ROLFL...
Enjoy Hong Kong and yes it must be amazing to see the traffic. The traffic in the city may be lighter than normal as I think 1/3 of the population have moved to Canada.

allan said...

sandra and love your photo's we were missing them. Can't wait to talk to you