Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 26 At Sea

Today was our best day at sea…. toasty! I got a huge amount of sun. It really felt great and validated the fact that we have turned the corner and steamy weather lies ahead. Tomorrow I will be touring Vung Tau, first time for me to go there. In the past I have gone into Ho Chi Minh City. Here is the tour description:
Vungtau Highlights
Vung Tau was known as Cap St. Jacques during the days of the French occupation, and has always been a popular beach resort for residents of Saigon. Attractive villas that dot the hillsides have now been converted into guest houses. The resort is on a peninsula lined with miles of sandy beach. Drive along the coast past a 100-foot-tall statue of Jesus, and visit a hillside Buddhist temple with attractive views. Further around the peninsula, you will see the so-called Bay of Boats, where numerous colorful wooden fishing boats are anchored. A visit to the former Royal Residence of Bach Dinh, the White Villa, is included. Enjoy spectacular views over the bay from the frangipani scented gardens of the villa. Return to the ship.


whitey said...

Glad to hear the weather has changed for the better. Looking at that photo of the pool area I would guess the worst job on board would be a commission sales person selling drinks poolside?

Holly said...

I'm going to submit this one:

"Cinnamon Toast"

and see how the Crayola folks like it.

allan said...

Okay pal I am worried....Your best meal yet MANY VIETNAMISE DISHES we ARE SO PROUD OF YOU ....Photo's of the indoor pool hope you are well. HA HA HA. Great photo's allan and sandra