Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 15 Kobe, Japan

I had another fabulous day today. Osaka was just amazing…. The highlight of the day was Osaka Castle which was beautiful. I love taking photos of incredibly beautiful places. I even got to the top of the castle where the view was spectacular. After spending a couple of hours roaming the castle and its expansive grounds, it was time for lunch. We had about a 9 course Japanese lunch. Well it wasn’t for me since I don’t do sashimi and sushi. What did meet my conservative palate’s taste was excellent. The hotel had some lovely gardens I explored after lunch. I even found a young lady dressed in her Geisha outfit (part of a wedding party). After lunch it was off to the Shitennoji Temple, believed to be the oldest “State” Buddhist Temple in Japan. I thought yesterday’s was the oldest but it is the oldest “wooden Buddhist temple. They can get pretty specific…. Anyway, it was lovely and I was even able to go to the top of the 5 story pagoda. Finally we went to the trendy Donontori area. This place looks like it would be fun at night with all its clubs, restaurants and shops. It was quite crowded since it was Saturday but not nearly as crowded as it would be at night. I have two days at sea starting tomorrow…. Time to tone up the tan. I have a meeting tomorrow to go over my upcoming trip where I will leave the ship for an overnight trip to Guilin and the Li River in China, more on thet later. I’m off to a Barbeque in the Lido tonight…. Very casual.

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