Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 32 Noumea, New Caledonia

Great day!!!! We left the ship around 0830 and headed for the beach despite being a bit cloudy and overcast. We grabbed a taxi and went to Anse Vata stopping at Le Meridien Hotel. We stayed there for about and hour, enduring some rain showers. Once the rain cleared we decided to walk the entire length of Anse Vata and on to Baie des Citrons…. a fairly long way….. We had a good walk, stopping for drinks along the shore. We ended up walking all the way back to the ship…. Quite a hike. I went up to the pool deck for a couple of hours, had lunch and went out once more for some photos around town. It was a very pleasant day….. It was just what I wanted, a relaxing day. This is my 4th stop here in the last two years so I didn’t feel the need to explore as much as I usually do. Lots of fun. Tomorrow we go to Ile De Pins, New Caledonia….. a pure beach stop. We have to tender ashore and I plan on going early and planting myself on the beach….


Holly said...


What language is spoken and what is the currency where you are now? Will it change to something else as you continue on?

Jeff Farschman said...

French is spoken and the currency is the polynesian franc

Holly said...

Ah, then it's Oui Ochre.

Anonymous said...

Jeff - as others have posted, thanks for the adventure. I find myself checking this daily. Although the posts are brief they are to point and give a good picture of the places your are visiting and the attitude of the environment. Last year I caught the last half of your grand voyage. It left me wondering how you are able to embark on these wonderful adventures. What is it that you do for a living? I hope I'm not being to forward in asking. You've got my curiosity piqued.

Regards, pormond