Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 46 Fremantle/Perth, Australia

We had a fabulous sail away from Fremantle this morning. Paul was there, as promised, out on the point sending us off. I couldn’t believe how many people were out this morning at 0900. Perhaps the Mimosa’s & Bloody Mary’s had something to do with it. I tried out another pair of Nancy’s Carman Miranda sunglasses…. Good look for me? I even got a nice shot of Paul shore side with; I’m guessing, his sister and my friend Sandy up on the upper deck. The place was just swarming with people….. Amazing!!!! It was a fabulous sail away…. The rest of the day was just sizzling…. It will probably just keep getting hotter as we move back into the tropics as we sail to Indonesia. We had 3 sea days after today to get to our next port, Lembar, Lombak, Indonesia. Now it’s time to say good bye to Australia (for now)…can’t wait until I return. Thanks again to Paul & Sylvia…..


frozen whitey said...

Jeff by the looks of the pool deck it was crowded. Not many shirts off though????
I see your friends like imports! LOL Nice choice.
Question though. How did they get to come abord if not a current passenger. This was able to be done years ago as we had frinds in various ports come aboard for tour and cocktails prior to departure.
Oh by the way it's ----- freezing up here with snow squalls.

Holly said...

Looks to me like it's Sunglass Showdown on the high seas!

As always great pics and commentary. We are all so lucky to be on this journey with you.

Anonymous said...

What a glorious day! I see the photo of Sandy. He looks great! Is he decorating a jacket with the 'labels' from each port? His yellow on in 2007 was fabulous! Please tell him hello from Buddy and me. Cheers! Lynn