Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 38 At Sea

Our sail away last night from Sydney was great. Quite a number of friends gathered in the Crow’s Nest for the sail away party. Ron, Glenda, Charles & Patsy to name a few were there. I stepped out for a moment to catch a few photos with my Nikon S3 and even got one of myself taken by Lori from the Cruise Staff who is also pictured. I understand that she is the glue that holds the whole cruise staff department together….. OK, so I made that one up, although she is fabulous! It was a nice evening. This morning I was stunned to find the weather very cold, windy and wet. I’m thinking, “What happened to all those hot Australian summer temperatures we heard about on our way. The afternoon was much better. The sun came out but if you didn’t get out of the wind it was still pretty cold. Tomorrow we are in Melbourne, Australia. I have no specific plans…. I’ll just go “walkabout”. Melboure is a great city and I’ll just wander and catch some of the sights. Also, I understand Yan Yan’s family looks at my blog. I just want to say to his children, “your father is doing great and he can’t wait to see you in Semarang”


Megan said...

Hi Jeff!

Terrific photos of Sydney (as usual)! Thanks for taking the time to post every day and enduring the slow internet connection. We appreciate it! Looking forward to seeing your day in Melbourne.

Love the fact that Yan Yan's family reads your blog. I hope they read the comments because I want to say to them he is truly the best at what he does. We had the pleasure of his service about a year ago and will never forget him. He was kind, gracious, hard-working and smiling at all times (despite being dog tired). I hope they have a joyful reunion!

Have a continued safe journey! Cheers from the rainy Silicon Valley,
Megan & Kevin

whitey said...

All we have heard up here Jeff is how hot Melbourne is and the raging bush fires.Yes many beaches near the port as lived there. Also a nice casino if so inclined. By the way if any female asks about me you have never heard of me OK bud.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

Just back from my first HAL cruise. It was terrific but NOW I know what you mean about those deck chairs! It did not go uncommented.

Thanks for the great updates. Had to catch up first thing after 2 weeks away :)

Cheers, Roma

Jennie said...

Hi Jeff,

I hope you had an enjoyable day in Melbourne today. The weather was great for your visit though a little smokey.

I too am looking forward to hearing what you did with yourself today.