Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 43 At Sea

Another pretty good day! I spent a relaxing day at the pool finishing up a book I’ve been reading. Some clouds rolled in during the afternoon so I went in and just visited with friends for the rest of the day. We have another formal night tonight. The food ought to be great…. Tomorrow is our last day at sea before reaching Perth. I hope we have another fabulous day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,
So glad you're enjoying your trip.
Great photos as usual. Especially like the photos of the people and animals. The koala looks as if it wanted to become your pet!
Thanks again for sharing your adventures with us.
BVH-Groton, CT

Holly said...

Well I hope that you got at least enough time that qualifies as a bonus day before you headed indoors!

Jean, thanks for the info. Who knows that could be the million dollar question someday and I'll be able to answer it correctly. If I win, I'll credit you for knowing. ;o)

Alida Taylor said...

Hi Jeff,

Very much enjoying your blog. Great pictures you seem to have more people in them LOVE that and of course the sceneries are fantastic. Some very nice and unusuaal shots of the Sydney harbour. Wish I could ther too - I loved Sydney. On my to do again list. Give Paul & Sylvia a hug from us and Marion (Dutch cousin) here with us in The Great White North. We leave for the Dominican Republic for a week of sun and fun Friday. I hope the sun shines on you all today and have lods of fun. Prior ship mates ...Alida & Graham