Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 52 At Sea

Today was a much more comfortable day then we have been having lately. There was a fair amount of overcast that helped take the sting of the sun away which was accompanied by a nice breeze. It was great to have a relaxing day after a couple of fabulous port days. Tomorrow is a big day for a lot of our crew. The largest segment of crew population is from Indonesia and many will see their families…. I will be doing a ship’s tour, exploring some new areas of Java that I haven’t done in the past. Here is the description: Tlogo Agro Highland
Leave Semarang for a one-hour drive to the historical city of Ambarawa. Here you will visit the Antique Train Museum. After a brief introduction to the colonial-era locomotives, board a Lori train for a ride past beautiful tropical scenery, crossing the legendary swamp of Rawapening en route to Tuntang.Tlogo Agro Plantation is located around 1300 feet above the sea level with average temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees. The plantation was founded in 1856. Enjoy the fresh air of Tlogo Agro Highland and see the various tropical plants grown here, such as coffee, rubber, mango, banana, avocado, clove, cocoa and guava. Learn about the coffee-making process from the bean to powder using old machinery. You'll also see a rubber processing machine from England. Enjoy a traditional live Javanese gamelan music. Proceed to Sam Po Kong, a Chinese temple built to honor Chinese emissary Sam Poo Thay Jin who landed in Semarang in 1401. The temple presents an interesting combination of Chinese and Muslim cultures. This temple also offers the optional services of its resident fortune teller. The fortune teller will "read" your future in exchange for a small tip before you return to the pier. Tonight I will be dining in the Pinnacle Grill…. Yeah!!!! I really like eating there. I will be dining with a member of the cruise staff, Lori Seymour, whom I have sailed with on numerous occasions. It should be fun.

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