Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 50 Lembar, Lombok, Indonesia

What a wonderful day! Well, it didn’t start out too great since we were late arriving….. mystifying! Anyway, I was on the first tender ashore and we were warmly greeted by a host of people from Lombok. It was a first rate welcome. They don’t get a lot of tourists here and wanted to make a good impression; they did…. We first went to the Nusa Tenggara Barat Province Museum which was very interesting. Next we went to the Narmada Water Palace which was a lovely spot with some interesting photo opportunities. Then we went to Lingsar which was truly impressive. All along the way people were very open and friendly. I loved taking photos of the people, especially the kids. Then it was off to lunch at Senggigi beach. Great lunch right out by the beach. After lunch we had to go to one of those HAL “shopping opportunities” that I hate. This time it was to some pearl store. I didn’t go in but discovered a monkey outside that was truly worthy of some quality time. Our final stop was to the Banyu Mulek village. It was a great stop! The people were amazing, the pottery process very interesting and the ride on the cidomo…. Priceless! It was a great day that got off to a mysteriously late start.


Holly said...

Great photos as always. It's so neat to see the people in the places you are visiting along with the scenery.

I must admit though, I am disappointed that you skipped out on the pearl shopping...

Jean said...


Beautiful is all I can say .... you sure capture the people & the wonderful scenery!!

Take care,
Jean & Doug

Anonymous said...

I love the Indonesian people and you captured them so beautifully. You, especially, showed all the joy, love, and wonder in the children. I'm not so sure the monkey wasn't making fun of you! Ha!
Love today's photos as usual. You never fail to capture the feel of a place....almost like I am there again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:

I'm a port lecturer for Princess Cruises and would like to use several of your pictures in my presentation and flipbook. I can't find an email on your blog, so am posting publicly. GREAT photos. Please let me know.
Elizabeth: EMoran7759@aol.com