Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 42 At Sea

Great Day!!!! Nice weather, rolling seas, very comfortable. Last night the dinner and sail away were very nice. I am continually impressed with how good the food is on the Rotterdam. Two more days at sea before we arrive in Perth/Fremantle. I look forward to seeing my friends Paul and Sylvia from Perth....


Anonymous said...

Jeff : I see you are having a wonderful time. Just back from Wisconsin. Tell Paul & Sylvia I send regards and will be writing them soon.
Continue with the fabulous travelogue.

Jean said...

Jeff, please send our best to Sylvia & Paul when you get to Perth!
Have you seen Karl around the pool getting the sun?

Holly .... the koala's in southern Australia are much larger than the ones in Queensland about 10 LBS. difference in weight or more ... one of the handlers at Cleland Wildlife Park told us ... when I said he's 2 times the size of the one I held in Lone Pine just outside Brisbane!

G'Day Mate!
Jean & Doug

Julie said...

Jeff, Gary and I are enjoying each day with you since we departed the Rotterdam in LA. I am the nurse that asked you if you carried an epi pen with you after you were stung by the wasp (or whatever it was). What a world we live in! Julie, MN