Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 58 Hong Kong, China

Great to be in Hong Kong but, ……the weather really is pitiful! I was looking forward to a great sail in but this place is blanketed with fog, low clouds, drizzle, you name it. The visibility is not to great. I did my thing anyway… went to the Stanley Market, Aberdeen to sail in the Sampans and finally…. to the top of Victoria Peak where the visibility got up to maybe 50 feet. No great view of Hong Kong Harbor today. I am going with friends to the Night Market tonight for some street food and watch all the energy and excitement. Maybe I’ll be a few photos….


Jean said...


Did you need a Haagen-Dazs fix ? Aren't they feeding you enough of that on board?

Am loving all your photos ... wish we were there with you!
In Semarang you took the tour I took that time when you guys went out on the train to Borobudur.

We have snow on the mountains here .... saying it will be 60* on the weekend.

THANKS we are enjoying it ALL,

Jean & Doug

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
Great pictures! I sure loved Hong Kong. Stanley Mkt, Victoria Peak and the people. I so enjoyed the two photos of the old man and the old woman. Even the foggy pictures were terrific. Just like I remembered on the Asia/Australia cruise. You are doing GREAT!!!
Weather is cool but beautiful here. B-FL

blair4990 said...

It seems that the buildings are built right on top of each other. Is is rally that crowded? (I'm from Chicago so I'm used to crowded.) Your pictures are wonderful. How do you manage them after the cruise? Thanks again.

Sweets said...

Did they have "Carmel Cone" at Hagan Dazs?

Jeff Farschman said...

Actually, I had some Haagen-Dazs Rum Raison on the top of Victoria Peak..... yummy