Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 60 At Sea

Today was a big day….. big waves, big wind, big rain, big wigs, big events. First of all, last night’s sail out of Hong Kong was great! All the lights make for a lovely panoramic view. I took a couple of night shots of the Hong Kong skyline and played with the camera for a couple of digital “art” shots. The ladies from the front desk were there so I got a nice group shot. I awoke this morning to crappy weather. Bummer! There was a lunch at noon for Mariners who had over 500 days with HAL with the President & CEO, Stein Kruse and a couple of his staff, Dan Grausz, Senior Vice President of Fleet Operations and Jo Ann Taylor, Manager of the Mariner Program. The lunch was for about 60 people and was very nice. Stein and his group went from table to table and chatted for a bit. We were toward the end so our time with the staff was very short. I was hoping to actually have a few minutes to talk but…. Not to be. There is an open forum for questions and answers tomorrow but I probably won’t participate. It will probably end up with people asking questions inappropriate for a CEO and I wouldn’t want any part of that. I could be wrong but…. I doubt it. I included a numbers of photos of people I took today for you past Grand Voyage cruisers…. See any friends? Tonight we had a cocktail party as part of Mariner Appreciation Day which was fun. Dinner followed which was fabulous as usual. After dinner, one of my favorite groups was performing in the Queen’s Lounge, Black Tie. I have seen them perform on a number of occasions and I never tire of seeing them. They are fabulous! Following the show I went up to the Chocolate Extravaganza up on the Lido deck. It is amazing what they can do with chocolate…. I took a bunch of photos, stopped by the Crow’s Nest for a final diet coke and headed for the cabin for some very late night blogging….. Hopefully by tomorrow the waves will be down below 20 feet….. no sun for the next week I’m guessing.


allan said...

Loved the pictures,martha looks wonderful and Herb and Aphrodite look wonderful.The front office staff I remember them and they all look wonderful.ounds like a great night was had by all. Love Sas and Allan

Anonymous said...

Jeff, We see many familiar faces in your excellent photos. Makes us wish we were there. You are obviously having a good time. Best wishes to all,
Lynn and Buddy