Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 62 Shanghai, China

I had a fabulous day today at Suzhou….. The sail through some of the canals was magnificent. The people photos today were the highlight of the day. The afternoon tour of the “Humble Administrator’s Garden” was also amazing. The silk factory was just another silk factory. The day itself was wonderful. Watching people go about their daily lives along the canals was just great!!!! Tomorrow, Ron, Glenda & I will go into the old town of Shanghai and tour around and go to the Bund along the river. It should be a fabulous day!


Julie Turnberg said...

Wonderful people pictures...thanks, Julie T. MN

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
Shanghi is wonderful. Be careful tomorrow on the Bund. You'll be buying "Roleks" watches 3 for a dahla!
Take one of the ship's post cards and when they try to sell you old post cards 2 for a dahla, you pull out the ship's p card and say 1 dahla, mister.
Loved the kids photos precious.
B-FL 80 degrees here today.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

These are the best people shots by far! Sounds like a great day. So glad that the weather cooperated too. Makes me want to visit China again soon. Thanks for your daily write-ups and photos.


Holly said...

Ok Fine " just another silk factory ". I'll take a silk shirt (not a tank top) in some blue color extra large.........

I'd hate for the little worms not to earn their keep!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

Once again, your photos continue to be magnificent and you have some real stunners from Suzhou.
Continued safe travels,