Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 70 Singapore

Today was a fabulous day! OK, so it was pouring down rain most of the day…. It was fun anyway. I wandered around Singapore with Sandy & Grace. It is always fun to be with them…. We started out going to see all the electronics at Sim Lim Square. Ther is more electronics there than you would believe, not that I am into that. We then headed over to Clarke Quay where it is full of restaurants and fun places along the Singapore River. WE had a nice Chinese lunch and relaxed as the skies continue to open up and pour down rain. We then went over to the Marina Bay to see the Merlion that had the top of its head blown off by lightening but alal, it was covered up. We then headed over to China Town were we first toured the Sri Mariammam Hindu Temple, beautiful place! We shopped and toured around China Town for quite a while and then went over to Lucky Plaza for some more shopping. Finally after 8-9 hours of buzzing around Singapore we returned to the ship. It was a marvelous day!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
Each time I check your blog I wonder how you could possibly find anything more beautiful than prior photos. BUT you do! These are fabulous!!!
Only one thing.....first time I've seen you on tour in long slacks! Ha ha! (Can't "bronze" that way.)
You are a special guy who shares his experiences with us and we appreciate it.