Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 74 At Sea

Today was spectacular!!!! It was very hot and sunny. We had a nice breeze like yesterday but the soot problem was behind us. I had a nice chat with the Captain about the stacks and soot and feel very confident that we won’t have that issue again. It was just one of those things….. The procedures in place should minimize those issues in the future. I did appreciate our discussion very much. As we steam along toward India and ultimately Africa, the Captain discussed future security issues and precautions as we get near “pirate” infested waters during his daily announcement. Again, things are well under control and I have no concerns. At the end of the day I went to the Spa for a massage which was fabulous….. I am so relaxed at the moment. Tonight is a formal night which I look forward to…..

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whitey said...

Jeff I have seen many articles and pictures of the pirate situation in that region. The thing that comes to mind right away is that they wear Tommy Shirts when at sea.
For your information it's the first day of spring and weather up north is wonderful. Only minus 8C driving in and lake still frozen!
Speaking of cruise lines. Princess is spending a fotune on direct marketing campaigns. Get 2-3 a week in the mail and prices are slashed for Alaska and the Med. Waiting for winter promos. As far as dress code goes after bundling up with heavy clothes all winter I would prefer an undress code please and thank you.
Take care Jeff.