Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 75 At Sea

What can I say? It was another picture perfect day….. This makes up for a lot of monsoon weather. The Captain announced today that our visit to Madagascar is under review because of the recent turbulence there. I’m not sure what will happen… If we don’t go they may substitute another day in Mombasa, Kenya or a day in Zanzibar, Tanzania. I still hope we will go but if not I hope they select Zanzibar for a replacement port. Tomorrow morning at 0700 we arrive in Cochin, India. I will be doing a ship’s tour and then go into the city. Here is the description: A Slow Boat through Kochi's Harbor The life of Kerala revolves around its waterways, unique to this area of India. For centuries the "backwaters" have provided an efficient and peaceful transport system for the farmers and inhabitants. This excursion will highlight for you their importance to Kerala state. Sit back and enjoy the many sights including lush coconut groves. You will cruise through colorful fishing hamlets and quiet lagoons before gliding past Bolgatty Island where a beautiful 18th-century Dutch colonial mansion, now converted into a government-owned hotel, provides an imposing landmark. Before returning to the ship view the unique Chinese fishing nets which are the only evidence still remaining of
Chinese contact and influence in ancient times.

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SAFETY AND SECURITY: There are random police vehicle checkpoints throughout Madagascar, so all visitors should carry photo identification (i.e., U.S. passport) in the event of police questioning. These check points are routine in nature, and should not result in vehicle and/or person searches as long as valid identification is shown.
Political demonstrations occur from time to time. There have been incidents of violence during demonstrations, but these have not been directed against Americans. Travelers should maintain security awareness at all times and should avoid political gatherings and street demonstrations. Certain large gatherings such as concerts or scenes of accidents also may pose a threat to foreigners.