Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 59 Hong Kong, China

The weather continued to be murky today.... I said goodbye to my friends Frank & Barbara this morning who are heading back to Canada. I went walking about with Ron & Glenda today. We started out on the Kowloon side checking out the promenade along the harbor and the Avenue of the Stars..... It's their equivalent of Hollywood's walk of fame. We then took the Star ferry to the Central Station on Hong Kong Island and walked until I thought my feet would fall off. I begged for mercy and we stopped in a Starbucks.... Good call! No sooner had we sat down the skies opened up and a torrential downpour commenced.... Once it subsided we headed back to the Star ferry to be safe. I looked around and all these buildings appeared that we hadn't seen for the last two days. I quickly snapped some photos and none too soon because they began disappearing just as they had magically appeared. We have a number of VIPs here today from HAL HQ that have joined the ship until Shanghai. We will be having some type of festivities during their stay. Tomorrow I have lunch (with a bunch of others), with Stein Kruse the President & CEO of Holland America Lines. It should be interesting.....


whitey said...

Jeff thanks god for sites as no sun... Your fading!!!!!
Another poster mentioned a long time ago. The last time I was there the harbor it had war ships.
Nice to see the same restaurant in Aberdeen. WOW really grown commercial. Thanks for those shots.
Speaking of shots how about more info on pic 13 in this series?

Jeff Farschman said...

pic 13 is the lovely Simone, the Spa Manager on the Rotterdam