Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 64 At Sea

Last night’s sail out of Shanghai was just lovely…. Lots of lights! Today was a pleasant surprise. Our first day at sea heading toward Vietnam turned out much better than expected. I thought it would be pretty bad but instead it was very sunny with a light breeze. OK, so the temperatures were in the 50s, it was great anyway. A definite bonus day! Everything is going well except for some internet issues that I am trying to get answers on… We have two more days at sea before we get to Nha Trang, Vietnam and it should get warmer each day.


Holly said...

You look good in the ricksaw! Is that your on board way to get to the sunny side of the ship?

The Mayor said...

I guess because gas prices have dropped significantly, you won't be trading in the Lexus, even though you've found other suitable means of transportation. Wonder what you would look like on I-95 in that!

Checking site every morning - incredible pix!