Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 66 At Sea

Well, it’s about time! We are finally back in warm weather country. We had a fabulous day at sea. The day was very sunny with a nice breeze. Today was also a very sad day…. It is official, my voyage is exactly halfway finished. I may have to start packing, only 65 days left after today. I included a couple of photos today, one of a few of the lovely Spa ladies who have helped create my addiction to the Spa and the other of a Komodo Dragon that looks remarkably like my best friend, Randy…. I am sure he will appreciate it! I also had a nice chat with the Captain this morning and now understand our previous diversion and can appreciate the reasoning behind it. I also took the opportunity to speak with him about the poor( at times) satellite connections for the internet. Hopefully that can be improved. Tonight I have a special treat….. the chef is making a special soup for me, the Thai Chicken Soup that they used to have on the Pinnacle Grill menu. Rudi, the Executive Chef for HAL should give serious consideration to putting it back on the menu…. Great soup! Tomorrow morning we will dock at 0730 in Nha Trang, Vietnam. I was here in 2007 and it is a good stop. I will be taking a highlights tour even though I have basically been there and done that…. It is a pretty good tour with good photo opportunities. Here is the description: Nha Trang Highlights
Start your tour with a walk across Ha Ra Bridge to photograph the abundant fishing moored in the shallow Nha Trang harbor. They are brightly painted in blue and red. Arrive at Po Nagar Cham Towers-- evidence of the ancient Cham civilization, built between the 7th and 12th centuries. Today, both ethnic Chinese and Vietnamese Buddhists come to Po Nagar to pray and make offerings according to their beliefs. Continue by coach to visit Long Son Pagoda, which was founded in the late 19th century and rebuilt several times. It is now home to fewer than ten monks. The entrance and roofs are decorated with mosaic dragons made of glass and ceramic tile. From the pagoda, you will have the chance to climb the 152 stone steps leading to the giant white Buddha seated on a lotus blossom. There are superb views of the whole city from the platforms around the Buddha, which was built in 1963. A short drive leads to an embroidery shop where a demonstration of this handicraft will be given.

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