Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 25 Raiatea, Society Islands

Today was the first time I arrived at a new port without a plan…. I decided to get off the ship and see what was available. I saw this mountain overlooking Uturoa and the harbor and I decided to climb to the top. I ran into my friends Mike & Janet who decided to climb it as well and off we were to the top of Mt. Tapioi. It was a very hot and strenuous climb. The fact that I was wearing sandals and carrying a backpack didn’t help. Actually it was a nice hike and the views from the top were fabulous. WE spent some time on top of the mountain and tehn climbed back down to the town. After doing a bit of shopping in town and some more sightseeing I headed back to the ship. My plan was to go poolside but some showers came and I worked on the blog instead. Later, the sun popped back out and I went topside. The sail away was nice but the sun was dampened by clouds and some sprinkles. Tomorrow is a day at sea on the way to the Cook Islands (another new port). I hope tomorrow is nice, we have been on a roll weatherwise.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,
I'm so enjoying all your wonderful photos, especially the underwater ones of the sharks and rays.
Our temps are plunging, leaves changing and for a little excitement we've had 6 great whites along Cape Cod snacking on a seal colony.
So happy for you that the trip is going well.
Thanks for sharing.
BVH-Groton, CT

Jo said...

Hi Jeff,

That South Pacific sun is really working on your tan! Your photos have been awesome. The girls in the office have all been buzzing about your guides in Bora Bora. :)
All the best,

whitey, casper shortly brrrr. said...

Great shots Jeff and we have another friend posting live on CC who is in same area on Pacific Princess. Your like a day apart in ports.
Also not sure if your nearing Samoa but they had another 6.5 quake today! Not a popular destination at the moment.
Actually just checked cook islands vs them and not close. But best to be aware.

Sister Lisa said...

nice pig

whitey said...

you talking to me Lisa?