Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 34 At Sea

Today turned out pretty nice. The weather was nice except for the clouds which were a bit much at times. Still, all in all, it was a good day. Tonight we have a formal night, no big events just dress up night. The show tonight should be pretty good. It is Annie Frances from Sydney… I’ve heard her before and she is pretty good. The only other event today was presenting ourselves to Australian Customs & Immigration, glad that’s out of the way. On another note…. yesterday wasn’t as great as I thought. My underwater camera which was in my backpack in Henry’s Taxi was missing when I got back to the ship. I’m not high on Vanuatu anymore…. Thanks Henry! I have cancelled my plans to go out on the Great Barrier Reef since my camera is gone. I will go to Kuranda instead….


whitey (call noah as it's still raining) said...

Jeff NOT GOOD what a downer on such a wonderful spot. Takes all kinds and knowing you it will be broadcasted.

I will check out his used selection up here in Toronto

You knew I had to say something eh?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff:
Too bad about your camera. However, with all of the traveling you have done, you are LUCKY to have "lost" only a camera. It's still rain on your parade! Henry will probable feed his family for a year.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, Buddy and I are sitting in an Istanbul restaurant with your friends, Carol and Larry from Florida. Our Prinsendam trip is going great and our weather is perfect. We leave tonight at 11 p.m. Will be in Sochi in two days. Nice to check in with your site. looks like all is good with you.

Love, Lynn

DARYL said...

We have really enjoyed all your photos, especially the underwater shots. What type of camera did you use and what will you replace it with? Thanks.