Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 41 At Sea

Today was a major surprise! The daily program listed a forecast of 64 F and showers… I was mildly depressed last night as I read that but alas, the weatherman was apparently drinking heavily, it was about 80 F and sunny… a glorious day! On the ship tonight we are celebrating Halloween. I think I’ll dress up as a cruise ship passenger. Tomorrow, Sydney!!! Perhaps there is a Bridge Climb in my future. Switching subjects for a moment… I would like to talk about one of the top employees that are part of the Holland America Team, Christel Mensink, the Guest Relations Manager. She is, without a doubt, the best GRM that HAL has in their employ. She is excellent handling guest problems, issues, complaints or anything else that comes her way. She is the consummate professional. For me personally, she has been extremely helpful on countless issues. She handles everything in a thorough, efficient manner and always with a smile. She is the type of person that keeps people coming back to Holland America time after time. As far as I am concerned, she should be employee of the month or the recipient of the President’s Award or something like that. I know that the Hotel Manager will not put her in for any such honors because…. he is her husband. Therefore, I will sing her praise. Perhaps someone in Seattle will take notice…. She is very, very deserving!


whitey said...

Subtle as always..... LOL

But I totally understand when they are married..

CL said...

I would second your motion to have Christel recognized as HAL's best GRM! She truly was understanding and empathetic regarding an ongoing issue that transpired during a World '08 segment and eventually was instrumental in resolving the issue in a mutually-acceptable manner - always with a smile!!! CL

Ian said...

Jeff. Touch the flag for me.

>>> Ian



Your trips up the bridge have instilled in me a greater desire to visit Australia. Enjoy your climb, look forward to the pictures

Hope all is well-


allan said...

Jeff I think it's about time you did the bridge climb. The best part is how cheap it is. There is a roumor that one year revenue covers the total building cost of the bridge. I agree with C.L.and you Christel takes care of the passengers with care AND empathy, a great ambassador for Holland.See you soon. Alsas