Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 12 Los Angeles, California

Nice day in Los Angeles…. I met with a friend from previous voyages, Vicki, this morning and we went out on a shopping trip. I wanted a couple of tables for when my friends and I lounge around the pool. More importantly, she refreshed my cabin supply of Diet Coke with six cases of the stuff…. Aside from that I spent the day lounging around the pool catching some much needed rays. I am definitely addicted to the sun. It was a perfect day. At 4:30 our sail away party started and it was great. I saw a lot of friends from previous voyages, including my friend Lori who is just the spark you need for a great voyage. I liked the photo with her and her pet Seagull, Bruce…. We now have 6 days at sea (yes 6) before we get to our next port, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas….. Here is to hoping for sunny weather along the way…..

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Mary said...

Has HAL mentioned the tsunami that has hit in several ports? Is it likely to affect the ship during sailing?