Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 33 Port Vila, Vanuatu

Today was just great! Mike, Janet & I were the first ones off the ship here in Port Vila, Vanuatu. We hooked up with a taxi driver, Henry, who agreed to haul us around the island for the day. Our first stop was at a very nice resort called the Lagoon. The facilities and scenic views along the coast were fabulous. Then we were off to our top spot of the day, the Mele Cascade Waterfalls…. Our expectations weren’t particularly high but we were greatly surprised by what we found. The falls were magnificent!!! This was highlighted by the falls at the top which were spectacular. We spent quite a bit of time there and once we came down Henry started taking us to scenic viewpoints around the island, each one topping the previous one. After spending a fair amount of time around the island we headed for another top priority fro the day, the Market. When I was here earlier this year the Market was a highlight because there were so many people shots. After the Market, I headed out shopping on my way back to the ship while Mike & Janet went exploring the city a bit more since it was their first visit. I got back to he ship and went poolside where I ran into Ron & Wil and they had a fabulous day as well. Ron really looks like he has truly gotten into the South Pacific lifestyle and perhaps gone native. He is the Chief of Vanuatu I believe…. We now have about 3 days at sea on our way to Cairns, Australia….


whitey said...

The very first shot gives me a feeling of a shirt contest on board. Brings back memories Jeff.
He seems to get ..... flowers in every port.
Must be a chief!
They seem like a nice couple and must make the voyage more pleasant.
Not may days till the Bridge Jeff!

Lawrence said...

Wow. That looks like JAP DIP — Just Another Perfect Day In Paradise!!


allan said...

sitting here in Denver and it is COLD has some snow last night!!!. So on count down for jan. Your pictures are wonderful to look at every morning. Seeing that it is warm somewhere in this small world is wonderful. Stay warm,and thank you for letting us live vicariously through you. See you soon. Alsas

wvotroubek said...

You have found paradise- the waterfalls are spectacular! great shots! WV

Holly said...

Just catching up on your posts - have been sick, sick, sick. Pretty sure I've had the swine flu, and spent 3 days in bed during Fiesta. That of course wasn't very nice at all.

As alwasy, thanks for all you do and taking us along on the journey with you! Mwah