Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 38 At Sea

Today started out pretty bad…. The weather was crappy. I spoke to the Captain and mentioned what excellent work he did the other day bringing us lots of sunshine. He said that there was little he could do today since we were inside the reef but… he was too modest! The weather, once again, came around and it was a beautiful day. As I mentioned, we were sailing inside the Great Barrier Reef. We re-entered the Reef at Palm Passage and this afternoon we sailed past the Whitsunday Island Group. It was a lovely day! Tonight we have the Captain’s Grand Voyage dinner. No hot dogs and hamburgers tonight…. Tonight we will have an excellent meal (as we do every night). There will be a pretty good show after dinner which I may go to as well. Tomorrow we have another day at sea before we arrive into Brisbane, Australia.

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Holly said...

Have you ever done a sailing vovage on a sailboat vs. a cruise ship? If you haven't would you or why wouldn't you?