Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 27 Rarotonga, Cook Islands

What a fabulous day! We arrived very early at our anchorage in Avarua Harbor on the island of Rarotonga, the Cook Islands. I got on the first tender and it was a hack of a challenge. The tender was pitching pretty badly which made the loading a bit of a challenge. We arrived ashore without incident and my friends Mike & Janet and I took one of their buses that travel around the island. We got off at Takitumu Conservation area. We went on a hike up to the conservation area just to find out that it was closed. We went around the barrier and had a look as we walked in a ways. It was a lovely area but since we didn’t know the area we left after about 45 minutes and headed for the beach. We caught the bus again after walking quite a distance taking photos of the local scenery. We got off at Muri Beach which was just beautiful…. You could even walk out to the Motu. The water was crystal clear, the sun was shining and the beach just gorgeous… It could not have been any better. After a fabulous beach stop we caught the bus again and went into town to check it out before we had to go back to the ship. My first visit to the Cook Islands was a major success. I would come back here anytime…. Tomorrow we have a day at sea, time to relax.


whitey, brrrrr said...

Can't blame you for wanting a day at sea to relax.
Walking along the beach and wading into that aqua water must be very draining. Care to shovel some snow?

Great water bud....

Lawrence said...

Lovely photos and good to see the "Tan Man" is enjoying himself. For those of you who were on the Maasdam Voyage of the Vikings this year (and everyone else also) I have finally edited and uploaded those travel photos and the travelogue. The direct link is:
Voyage of The Vikings

Within the story are the links to all the photos. Enjoy!

And thanks Jeff for the ongoing blog. We really enjoy it. We're signed up for the Prinsendam in 2010 from October 8th — Athens to Fort Lauderdale. 54 days.

Lawrence & Gene

Lisa said...

Just goregous - I see some contenders in the shots for the photo contest!!