Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 26 At Sea

Well I spoke too soon about the weather…. The weather this morning was fairly nice when I went out this morning but deteriorated as the day went on. It suddenly became a day fro inside activities like reading and napping. I is nice to relax after some pretty busy days ashore. Tomorrow we visit Rarotonga, Cook Islands. It will be my first visit here so I will try and see as much as possible while we are there. Tonight we have a formal night which will be nice since there are relatively few of them. I certainly hope the weather gets back on track by tomorrow….


Jennie said...


I hope you enjoy the wonderful Cook Islands. We took the bus right around the island and stopped off at a lovely beach. It is another piece of Paradise.


Jo said...

You're in luck! Weather forecast says sunny skies and high of 76.

Lawrence said...


Your photos (of you) from the Maasdam, Voyage of the Vikings, are posted at: