Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 31 Suva, Viti Levu, Fiji

Today turned out pretty good. I went out this morning around 0630 for our sail into the Suva Harbor only to find out I was just a little too early. Anyway, the sail in was very nice with a lot of nice photos. I was one of the first ones off the ship, along with Mike & Janet and we headed out to check out the markets…. Today was a very good day for people shots. The people really enjoyed having their photos taken and some were pretty good. From the market we headed toward the Thurston Gardens & Fiji National Museum walking along the coast. It was a great day to hike around the city. The Thurston Gardens were nice but in need of some good maintenance and the museum was very nice & informative. We checked out the President’s residence & guard at the gate as we left the gardens. Very nice… As we walked along heading fro the Parliament Buildings we hooked a taxi to take us for a short (1 ½ hour) tour of the Parliament & heading up into the hills to get some shots overlooking Suva. After our tour we headed back to Suva. I got back to the ship and ran into Wil & Ron up by the pool. They too had a marvelous day.. They went to a village and by the looks of things I think they made him Chief. All in all it was a very nice day. Tomorrow, a day at sea to rest up for our next port, Vanuatu.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jeff!

We love to read your stories every day! Nice picture of Ron en Wil especially Ron with the hat! Can you send our love from us to them!

Greetings Ron en Kelly, son en daughter in law of Ron en Wil!

p.s. excuse me if my english in not so good in wrighting!

whitey said...

Quite the market Jeff but after those wonderful meals on the ship the last thing I would want is more food. Please tell me the guy in the wheelbarrow was not working.
Mr Google sends his congratulations on your cancellation.

whitey said...

Just checked this location "Vanuatu" as I have never heard of it.
(Canadians don't get out much)
WOW paradise lost?
Love the accomodations on waters edge and it seems to be the tourist local for Aussies and Kiwi's.
You will enjoy for sure.



True Survivor fans know all about Vanuatu.


Loving the pictures. Is it me, or are you getting a shot entering each port?

Hope all is well-


Jeff Farschman said...

I am always out for the sail into a port.... many photos are taken.