Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 10 Huatulco, Mexico

Today was quite busy. After a very, very stormy night I got up this morning and went out on the aft deck and enjoyed the sun (all by myself). After and hour or so others ventured out and it was lovely. We arrived in Huatulco, Mexico around 1030 this morning. I decided to go ashore around 1130 and walked around the little village before finally sitting out on the beach. Huatulco is at just the beginning stages of becoming (possibly) one of Mexico’s newest up & coming resort area. It is really a lovely place…. So, I got to the beach and I ordered some lunch, quesadillas con pollo and a couple of diet cokes. All was well until I was stung by a particularly nasty wasp. As my arm began to swell and the pain began to set in I decided I better go back to the ship for a quick first aid check. I arrived just after the medical office closed for lunch. I decided that this wasn’t an emergency so I ventured out for my Catamaran sail. We spent the next three hours bouncing around in huge swells and even stopped at one of the beaches for a 45 minute swim break. After we finished, I went up to the pool deck and sat there soaking up some more sun. I began feeling pretty crappy so I went to medical. OK so I should have gone earlier in the day. I got epinephrine, benadryl, a breathing treatment and a shot of some steroid (there goes the hall of fame). Needless to say…. I’m not in much of a blogging mood at the moment. I still feel like crap, it’s now like medicated crap. I’ll be just dandy by tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, I have a tour of Acapulco booked. Here is the description: Acapulco Full-Day Tour
Visit the most interesting parts of this beautiful resort city. From a scenic vantage point, admire the view as your guide tells you about the history of this area. Continue on to the Fairmont Pierre Marques Hotel for a tasty lunch, followed by time at the hotel's pool, beach and lounge facilities. Bring your swimsuit and sunbathe, swim or stroll along the beach. Towels, changing rooms and showers are provided. A short stop will be made during the tour for those wishing to shop, then you'll continue past other luxury hotels, the Convention Center, residential areas, and the old and new parts of the city. At La Quebrada, enjoy a refreshment while you admire the world famous cliff divers before returning to the dock.


Seth--Key West said...

Lucky to have family recommend your gloriously sybaritic journal and the fantastic photos--specially love your very "gay" colors on formal nights !

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the stinging experience. Glad you are feeling better. BTW - you will always be in my Travel Hall of Fame.

Cheers, Roma :)

Jean said...

Sounds like you need to carry an EpiPen around with you like I do.Take care!!
Enjoying the photos
Jean & Doug

Ian said...

Hope you are back to your old self today and on with the journey.

Anonymous said...

hi jeff,
it is going to take more than a sting to keep you down, all the same--nasty! thanks for your comments about Acapulco, it is on our itinerary for the last length of our trip next month, so will check it out. maybe the wasp thought "You" were a tender flower !!

Holly said...

Can't wait to see how your 6 shots per second turns out when you capture the cliff divers in action!!