Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 6 At Sea, Cruising the Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica

Today was another sizzling day. We had a really nice sail through the Golfo Dulce of Costa Rica. It is a marine sanctuary and a major nesting for three species of turtles, the olive ridley, the Pacific Green and the leatherneck. As we sailed through we saw a few whales which was pretty exciting. One appeared to come completely out of the water….very cool. We also saw numerous dolphins which were fun to watch as they played in our wake. It was a great day… A few things about the ship and voyage so far…. The food has been exceptional, some of the best I have seen. Kudos to the entire culinary team! The ship is really lovely, the colors are bright and really nice.. It is well maintained and has obviously had renovations done. It is a beautiful ship. The crew is providing excellent service which comes as no surprise. I met the Captain this morning. He came by and introduced himself as I was bronzing on the aft deck. He seems to be a really nice guy. He is going to send a note to Captain van Zaane and Apollonia saying hello from me. It was a sensational day. Tomorrow, we arrive in Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica a little before 0700. I will be going out to see the wildlife. I think I did this last year and it was amazing….. Here is the description: Tropical Mangrove River Cruise
The Guacalillos Estuary and the Tarcoles River are noted for mangrove forests that make an excellent habitat for endemic birds such as the mangrove cuckoo, hummingbirds, vireo, the Panama flycatcher, herons and egrets. This particular mangrove forest is important for the conservation of the endangered scarlet macaw. 250 species of crocodiles, insects and birds also make this area their home. The mouth of the Tarcoles River is one of the richest sites for sea and shore birds, especially from October to April. Ospreys, gulls, cormorants and pelicans are plentiful here, as are iguanas, lizards and storks. An easy walk takes you 560 feet along firm land next to the mangroves before boarding your open-sided, covered boat for a two-hour ride through the estuary.
I would like to extend a special welcome to the blog for Emily, Isabel, Nicole & Simone..... enjoy


Paul said...

Jeff....fantastic pics. Well done. Pleased all seems to be going well for you. The Barry blog is very complimentary to your own and I guess most of us are reading both.

Paul Buis said...

Hi Jeff, we are both following your cruise with interest and look forward to seeing you in Perth soon. Shame someone has taken the "Grand" out of the voyage again, but hopefully you will find it. Never the less i'm sure you will have a great time. Sounds like the food is already well ahead to what it was on the Amsterdam. ENJOY
Paul and Sylvia

Jeff Farschman said...

This voyage so far has been fabulous... The issue I had is in the past and I am enjoying every bit of this cruise.